Dalton McSwain

"Filtering down from Italian olive groves and horse whisperers, to dirt floor Kentucky bluegrassers and tobacco farmers, to Cherokee blooded cotton farmers and factory workers with a penchant for red-backed hymnal books, Dalton McSwain takes note of every step in the honest American's walk. The son of a lawman and a school teacher, Dalton is a Georgia native residing on an eleven-acre plot in Tallapoosa, GA with his redheaded spitfire of a wife and a rascal of a German Shepherd named Hank. He often doesn't have to look much further than the blessings in his own living room for a story to tell and a song to sing.

Dalton has shared stages with the likes of North Carolina based singer/songwriter legend Malcolm Holcombe, alt-country poet Cary Hudson (formerly of Blue Mountain), and other Southeastern based country and folk acts such as Andrea & Mud, Tyler Key, and the Olivia Baker Band. Guided by his faith, antique firearms, and fascinations with western movies and psychedelic rock, Dalton is sure move even the weirdest of weirdos with simple stories that are never bigger than the simple truth."

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