Greg Barnhill

Originally from New Orleans, Barnhill has been writing and performing his entire life. Artists from Etta James, Martina McBride, and Jessica Simpson to Chicago, Tim McGraw, Lee Ann Womack, Leona Lewis and many in between have embraced his songs. "Walkaway Joe," recorded by Trisha Yearwood and Don Henley, was a significant milestone to his career. The song went on to earn him a Grammy nomination as well as the respect of his peers that follows him to this day. Barnhill also had a crossover smash with "House of Love" for Amy Grant and Vince Gill. Other hit songs include "Same Ol Love", "99.9% Sure I've Never Been Here Before", "She's Taken' A Shine" and "Never Been Kissed". He garnered critical claim with the 2014 single, Gary Allan's "It Ain't The Whiskey" which got rave reviews for its bold take on the issue of addiction.

While Barnhill's chart successes are impressive, he has also recorded, written, and produced a number of TV themes and jingles. In 2007, Greg earned an Emmy nomination for his hit "It's A New Day" for 'The Today Show'. You can also hear his work on "CNN", "Fox and Friends," "The View," "Baywatch," "Growing Pains,"? "Murphy Brown," Crown Royal, Tennessee Titans (NFL), Nashville Predators (NHL), Atlanta Braves (MLB) and other national and regional sports teams, businesses and television programs.

In April of 2009, Greg co-wrote and co-produced the new theme song for CBS The Early Morning Show "A Lot Happens Early". Later in 2009, Barnhill was nominated for his second Emmy for the NASCAR theme "Be There"?. In 2010, Greg Barnhill was nominated for his third Emmy and won for 'Best Original Song' for the Today Show theme "Your Day Is Today"?. He has written and performed in the New Orleans Saints video / theme song "Big Thang". In 2011 he had the song "I Know Who I Am" recorded by Leona Lewis for Tyler Perry's latest movie "For Colored Girls" in the movie as well as, on the Atlantic soundtrack. It was also used to promote the movie "The Butler". Also in 2011, three of his songs were used on the HBO series "TREME", and in 2014 his song "How It Really Is" was used on the CW network's "Hart of Dixie", and in 2015 you can hear his production chops on ME-TV's

Latest promotional campaign, as well as CNN tonight and CNBC's shark tank nation promos

Greg is one of Nashville's first call master vocalists. He performs around the world with other amazing artists and songwriters. You can also hear Greg's voice on the recordings of Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, just to name a few..

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