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"We've tried to be faithful to our mission - to tell people about our relationship with Christ - since the beginning. I remember thinking, even before we started NewSong, that it'd be great to have a group of real guys that you could relate to, get up on stage, hold an audience's attention with great music and then share how to come to know Christ. Even though we love the music, the ministry part of what we do is the main focus."

Indeed, try getting Eddie or Billy to reflect on NewSong's notable success - the 20 #1 radio singles, numerous awards, and national television appearances are the tip of the iceberg - and they'll immediately take you back to what matters most, their mission. Even from the outside looking in, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that a heart for evangelism has always defined what they do. And that, perhaps more than anything, makes their repeated achievements - including some absolute stunners - so extraordinary.

Believe it or not, as an afterthought, NewSong recorded what would become not only the biggest song of its career, but one of America's most beloved Christmas standards. Mainstream stations took the song to #1 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart, and the crossover hit, which also invaded the country charts, touched off a dramatic domino effect that continues to this day. Highlights include a series of New York Times best-selling novels by Donna VanLiere, and two top-rated CBS television movies based on the books and featuring music from NewSong. (CBS' The Christmas Blessing was television's most-watched movie in 2005.) VanLiere's fifth novel in the series, NewSong's seasonal recordings have called for a major Christmas tour each year, and the band has been happy to oblige.

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