Living Anthem

The word Anthem means "a song or hymn of praise". Collectively and as individuals it is our heart's cry to not only lift up God through song but with every aspect of our lives. We are striving to lead the church in the pursuit for us to all live our anthem! Furthermore, worship through music is an important way in which people connect with the heart of God! We are simply wanting to join in and invite others to be a part of the ongoing and eternal song; whether it's through leading for a church service, camp, festival or coffee shop crowd of 5 people. We are driven by the reality that when God shows up lives are changed. Our desire is to see God move in our churches, our cities and in our world. It's the reason we are a band. Living Anthem consists of: Matt Seagle, Lucas Budde, Toby Holloman and Jeff Bowman.

Mill Town Music Hall
1031 Alabama Avenue
P.O. Box 426
Bremen, GA 30110
Phone: 770.537.6455
Fax: 770.537.1837