Kay Arthur

Kay Arthur is an international Bible teacher and four-time Gold Medallion aware-winning author of over 100 books. She founded Precept Ministries International with her husband Jack in 1970 with the vision to establish people in God's Word.

Kay has the unique ability to reach people in an exciting, effective way challenging them to change and equipping them to advance the kingdom of God. Her authority comes from the Word of God, which she continues to study zealously; her compassion stems from a life that has been touched by deep tragedy as well as great triumph; and her practicality springs from an openness of character.

Visit her ministry Web site at www.precept.org.

In the late 1960s, a missionary couple suffered medical problems and returned home to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Little did they know that God had a greater field of ministry than Mexico for them. Jack Arthur became station manager for a Christian radio station, and Kay Arthur started a Bible study for teenagers in their living room. By 1970, youth were meeting in a barn they had cleaned out and patched up themselves.

Soon adults were coming too. It became obvious that an expanded ministry center was needed. That's when Jack left his radio career and became President and leader of this flourishing new organization. Today, Precept Ministries International reaches around the world into 149 countries with studies in 69 languages ministering to children, teens, and adults.

Through the many ministries of Precept - including their daily radio and television program "Precepts for Life," Kay has touched millions of lives. A well-known conference speaker and author of more than 100 books and Bible studies, she has a unique ability to reach people in an exciting, effective way - teaching them how to discover truth for themselves so truth changes their lives and equips them to be used to advance God's kingdom.

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