Jubilee Christmas Tour

What began as a light-hearted lunch conversation between three friends has become one of the most popular Concert Tours in Gospel Music!

"Jubilee" has grown from the original "Jubilee" CD, to a series of CD / DVD recordings, featuring three of Gospel Music's most popular Artists...The Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, and Legacy Five.

The Jubilee Tour brings the Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, and Legacy Five together for a unique and unforgettable concert experience, and has proven to be very popular in cities across the United States. Each group is featured on the first half of the program, and then the second half brings them together for "Jubilee!" The unscripted and spontaneous format of "Jubilee" is both entertaining and inspirational. Providing the audience with one of the most enjoyable concerts they will ever experience. Audiences across the country agree, "Jubilee!" is a "must-see!"

2013 was a new chapter in the "Jubilee" series, as the Jubilee Gang releases several new Christmas recordings and videos as well as a behind the scenes video called "On The Road with the Jubilee Tour." These unique Jubilee concerts will feature material from their new Christmas recording, as well as music from each Artist, combining to present one of the greatest Gospel / Christmas concerts you will ever attend!

Mill Town Music Hall
1031 Alabama Avenue
P.O. Box 426
Bremen, GA 30110
Phone: 770.537.6455
Fax: 770.537.1837