Jan Silvious

Jan Silvious has been reaching out to women for over 25 years, helping them to live fully and to embrace an intelligent attitude toward life.

As a featured speaker at Women of Faith arena events, Jan has encouraged audiences across the country and across every denomination, challenging them to grow into the women God has called them to be. She has been a plenary speaker for Precept Ministries' National Women's Convention, Moody's Women's Conferences, Moody's Founder's Week.

On the radio, Jan enjoys interacting with the hosts on "Midday Connection," as well as other national call-in and interview shows. For five years she and Kay Arthur co-hosted the nationally broadcast call-in program, "Precept Live." Jan has also appeared on several television programs including James Robison's "Life Today," "100 Huntley Street," and Kay Arthur's "Precepts for Life."

Jan also is a professional life coach, helping people to 'get from where they are to where they want to be.' Her life's work truly is to encourage people to embrace the truth that - changing your perspective changes everything.'clients

Jan's message, "Life is an adventure, whether in good times or in bad times; there is always much to learn on the journey. Sometimes it is easy to get stuck in the way you think, in how you relate to others or in the manner you live. A different perspective can be the change you are seeking. I've spent many years speaking, writing, coaching, loving and meeting people where they are. My goal always has been to help clients, audiences and readers to grow beyond their perceived limits by changing their perspectives. I believe in a big God who wants us to know Him and His ways and who will walk with us all the way."

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