Builders None

builders none perform at mill town music

As the airplanes torpedoed into the World Trade Centers on Sept 11, 2001, millions of people's lives were changed at that moment. It was also unclear what the future held for four guys from West GA.

The phone call came later that day, "...the show has been postponed for 2 weeks". A small baptist church in AL had called just about 3 weeks earlier, looking for a band to lead worship at a Youth Service. As the Worship Leader in his church, Andy Hagan told them "...yeah maybe I can put something together, let me make a couple of phone calls and see what I can do." History was made as Builders None was formed, long time friends Andy, Chad and Carey joined by a couple of other friends, showed up in that small baptist church in Alabama and lead the youth into worship. Soon thereafter, they started practicing and writing songs in a friends basement.

After recording and releasing their first project in 2004, things started to progress for Builders None, picking up Dennis as keyboard player and vocalist. Soon after releasing their 2nd project in 2006, titled "Learning To Fly", they caught the attention of churches all over the West GA area, and this has kept Builders None busy by playing 80 plus shows a year.

It has been a long time coming, even after a couple of line-up changes, the current members of Builders None still enjoy getting in the presence of the Lord on a regular basis. Their hearts as worshippers show through in each and every show that they play. By showcasing their vocal harmonies and solid rhythms at every show and setting the standard for worship, they draw in the presence of the Lord.

Whether playing for 150 people or 15,000, Builders None leaves nothing on the table when they leave the stage following a performance. You can always expect to be inspired and motivated to draw closer to God when attending a Builders None event.

Through prison ministry and church worship services, Builders None has seen thousands make a commitment to Jesus Christ, and many lives changed through the ministry that has been entrusted to them. As long as the Lord continues to allow the calling of music to be upon their lives, the torch will continue to burn.

In 2009, "Peace Be Still" was released, a compilation of all originals. Builders None has continued to showcase the song writing abilities that have drawn countless of people to their shows. Currently recording their fourth studio project, expected to be released in Spring 2011, they expect to enjoy the same success that they have in the past with the release of their previous projects. Sharing the stage with big name artists like Warren Barfield, Disciple and Skillet, Builders None feels like it is just beginning.

Only God knows now what the future will hold for these four guys from West GA...

Andy Hagan - Vocals,Guitar
Chad Cohran - Lead Guitar
Dennis Cates - Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Carey Moody - Drums, Percussion

Mill Town Music Hall
1031 Alabama Avenue
P.O. Box 426
Bremen, GA 30110
Phone: 770.537.6455
Fax: 770.537.1837