Tribute Quartet

That was the goal, to pay homage to the legends its members grew up admiring, to carry that torch respectfully, and yet to create a sound uniquely their own, becoming the kind of quartet they believed the Lord was calling them to be today. That's how the Tribute Quartet began. Two years after its formation, it was voted "The 2008 Horizon Group of the Year" by readers of the The Singing News Magazine at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, just a few months after being named the SGN's "2008 Breakthrough Artist of the Year." In appearance, warmth and style, this gifted group, based in Nashville, has become exactly what it set out to be, representing Southern Gospel at its finest.

The Tribute Quartet is a tailor-made group whose members are quick to point to the Lord as their tailor, giving Him the glory while garnering awards and winning the affections of admirers in concert halls and sanctuaries all across America. Evoking echoes from the past, pressing on to new frontiers, it sings from the heart, aims for the heart, and clearly loves this music it has been called and blessed to share.

Mill Town Music Hall
1031 Alabama Avenue
P.O. Box 426
Bremen, GA 30110
Phone: 770.537.6455
Fax: 770.537.1837